Use Bark Collar For Your Last Option

The products created to prevent dog barking, such as special necklace (known as anti-Bark Collar), can make the dog feel uncomfortable, and can only be used as a last resort if all the ways that you do not produce results. Some prohibit the use of such products because it is considered as a punisher. Exercise can provide better results than the use of the Punisher, and may provide the best long-term solution to behaviour problems in dogs. However, if a given workout is still not able to provide results and the apartment manager or neighbour you have to sue you (even the problem has to involve the police), you may need to use these products to prevent your dog barking back.

– Necklaces can spend a little lemongrass aroma of lemongrass sharp every time your dog barking. The use of citronella collar on a dog is considered, at least, as effective as the use of the collar, and do not result in serious injury or excessive discomfort in dogs.

– Necklace ultrasonic can produce an ultrasonic sound that can only be heard by dogs. Although it did not result in serious injuries, a necklace can make the dog feel uncomfortable.

– Necklace Shock
As same as citronella and ultrasonic necklace, the shocking necklace has the same function. However, this necklace generates short electric shock on your dog’s neck every time your dog started barking excessively. Necklace of this type usually has different arrangements related to the intensity of the resulting electric shock. If you use this type of necklace, you should use the lowest intensity of the shock to prevent serious injury to your dog. Again, the use of such products should only be done if all the ways that have been carried out without success.