Two of the leading social networking sites Facebook and Instagram are leading in video posts.

When someone searches for a particular account, then you will be at the top of the search engines these accounts because you have a level of popularity is quite high because it has a number of followers are many. By owning the number of followers that much then it is possible that some potential buyers will also follow you to get some information product you are also a way to follow in your Facebook account. Today, the day many people who enjoy social branded video. The market is increasingly complex and diverse. If in the television ad, a video can be located anywhere, now you must make adjustments to the video content to almost all social media like YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. The video is your strategy to reach a huge market and a strategy alone is not enough to embrace many demographics. The average consumer spends six hours each week watching video content on social media and 67% of respondents said that they watch more videos on social networks such as Facebook or YouTube or Instagram. It is pushing people to buy views on facebook

It should be noted that 74% of consumers said that if there is a connection between watching a video on social media and their decision to buy 46% of consumers say that they make a purchase after watching the video on social media such as Facebook or Instagram and 32% are under consideration for purchase. Regarding the successful video to gain the transaction, 54% of consumers say that video provided brand or product fits with their interests. Additionally, 92% said that they were fully aware when video brand in the social media to encourage them to take action to buy. In addition to watching video on social media, 47% of consumers claim to be willing to give and 37% like to share, and 33% seek more information if they are likely to tell friends or family about a brand after watching a good video on social media.